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Ny Hjemmeside is a web design company in KristiansandSundance Web Designs.


Sundance Web Design is a small web design company based in Kristiansand Norway.

The term 'ny-hjemmeside' basically means a new homepage (website) in Norwegian. The name 'Sundance' came from a great surfboard shaper in Wonthaggi Victoria Australia called Greg Hogan. He owned the Sundance Surfboard Factory in Wonthaggi and shaped Adam Read's boards for years. Unfortunately Sundance closed down, but this is a good way to re-live the good old surfing days.

We specialise in designing a website that will be search engine friendly. ie - will be easily found on the search engines for the keywords that you specify.
We have the software to locate the essential keywords for your business and also to track the performance of your website before and after (if it is a re-design or SEO project).

For over 10 years, we have specialised in

Website Measurement
Online Product Management
Web Sales and Consulting
Online Market Research
S.E.O in the US, UK, Australia and Norway
HTML, CSS Web Design

We service clients from different countries around the world and we have the internet software to analyse individual markets. So, if you have a small budget and require a website that will capture the look and feel of your business, or if you need assistance getting exposure of your website on search engines then we are the right team for you! See a reference from Tveit Dyreklinikk or one from DMB Surfboards.

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Getting found easily on any search engine is important, so we have them all covered including the 2 biggest, Google and bing. button


quote  Having started a business and developing our own website, we found that the results inadequate. Craig contacted Adam at Ny Hjemmeside to help us address our internet goals and combat our internet....

by: OZ SUP Paddleboards

Latest News

We are in the process of building a new website for a roofing company. They wanted a website that was very professional looking and to the point!
The website is nearly finished and will be launched soon.

Roofing Perth


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